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In the dynamic world of financial advisory, cookie-cutter solutions and fluffy marketing lingo don’t cut it. Enter Finberty 👉 Where financial acuity meets scientific marketing. We don’t just ride the wave of change; we’re crafting it, blending in-depth industry insights with no-BS growth strategies and executions.
Danielle Lin Cofounder Finberty

Danielle Lin
Dream Alchemist

Danielle Lin Finberty LinkedIn
10 years in tech startups, scaling businesses from zero, Danielle has firsthand experience in nurturing and expanding businesses. Her approach is simple: concrete marketing knowledge, data driven, and understanding customer behavior. Her commitment is to offer financial advisors transparent and proven strategies for substantial growth.
Jerry Chua Founder Finberty

Jerry Chua
Chief Activator

Jerry Chua Finberty LinkedIn
Having had a 5-year stint as financial advisor, Jerry built and led a stellar team of six. After transitioning into tech entrepreneur journey, he founded two multi-million-dollar companies, and raised $10 million-plus in venture capital. Now, he's all in for financial advisors, using his hard-earned expertise to boost their recruitment success, with his no-fluff, real-world experience and attitude.
Mindy Wee Finberty Customer Success

Mindy Wee
Swiss Army Knife

Mindy Wee Finberty LinkedIn
After a successful six-year journey in business development supporting SMEs, Mindy now leads Customer Success at Finberty, focusing on real impact and genuine relationships. Her team equips financial advisors with meaningful deliverables, ensuring they foster trust with every engagement in recruitment and sales.

We are different

A young yet ambitious team

Founded in 2022, we hyper-focus on financial advisory industry only.
Success that comes with consistent learning and delivery!


Leader profiles in financial advisory


Candidate appointment booked


Rated among agency Directors and Managers
No Bullshit Marketing for Financial Advisors


Straight to the point, practical solutions without the jargon and overpromises.

Focused on financial advisory industry

We Talk FA

Tailored strategies for financial advisors. Your industry, your challenges, your language.

Crystal clear marketing strategy for financial advisors

Crystal Clear

Absolute transparency in every transaction, every strategy, every result.

Data driven approach for financial advisors


Evidence-based approaches ensuring measurable and consistent growth.


Hear from our clients

We've helped top agency directors like yourself generate consistent candidate and sales pipeline.

insurance director testimonial
Before Finberty, content creation and outreach consumed my time. Now, their team manages my LinkedIn, allowing me to focus on my core skills. They've skillfully amplified my brand persona in compelling narratives. I have faith in personal branding, and anticipate their ongoing efforts to yield substantial returns.
Eric Seah Prudential
Eric Seah
Senior Financial Service Manager
great eastern director review
Starting with no LinkedIn presence, Finberty transformed my personal brand into a professional one. They developed a strategic, effective long-term plan that has led to tangible results -  from onboarding new team members to earning a full-cover feature in The Straits Times!
This rewarding partnership has been one of my best decisions, I couldn’t advocate more.
Leon Chew Great Eastern
Leon Chew
Senior Director
credence recruitment director
I started with Finberty skeptically. However, within six months, they changed my mind completely with a good flow of candidates interviews. I am impressed by their dedication, professionalism, reliability, and the stellar customer success team.
Chew Wai Loon Great Eastern
Chew Wai Loon
Finberty core team

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