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Frequently asked questions

How are you different from other marketing agencies?

Unlike many marketing agencies that take one-size-fit-all approach, we focus on financial advisory industry because of our deep knowledge and success cases. We guarantee you no BS, full transparency, and a win-win partnership.

Why LinkedIn? Do you cater other platforms?

LinkedIn, unlike other platforms, is specifically tailored for professionals. It helps in converting online connections and amplifies your offline reputation. It's your 24/7 personal billboard, a powerful tool that offers compounded returns over time.
Primarily, we focus on LinkedIn due to its effectiveness. However, we do help clients repurpose content for other platforms for broader brand exposure. We can discuss this further during our call.

How do I start and what is expected of me?

It begins with a simple conversation about your challenges and objectives. If we're a good fit, we adopt our three-step process: Diagnose, Design, and Deliver. While we handle 80% of the work, we need your commitment for the remaining 20% - stepping outside your comfort zone, engaging with confirmed leads, and adding your personal touch to the content.

What's your background and capacity?

Our founding team comes with industry experience and technical expertise, enabling us to deliver proven strategies and executions.
We limit our clientele to ensure each one gets the attention they deserve.

Can you guarantee successful RNF candidate or sales case?

While we don't guarantee successful RNF or sales, we consistently deliver quality, organic leads. Successful RNF and sales depends on factors beyond branding, like team dynamics, candidate fit, and your communication with clients. Our goal is sustained, worthwhile results that can yield high returns in the long run.

How does payment work and how do I terminate?

Once we agree on the scope of work, we'll sign an agreement and send you a Stripe payment link. You can terminate our services by writing to us at least 30 days in advance. Your feedback upon termination would be valuable for our continual improvement.