July 10, 2023

7 Ways to Be the Financial Advisor Everyone is Searching For

Think you know what makes a client choose you? Think again.

Mindy Wee
Customer Success @ Finberty
Mindy Wee

Your credentials matter, but they aren’t the whole story. We surveyed consumers and peel back the layers. Here are the criteria consumers use to select a financial advisor. Read on.

how customers choose financial advisors

People are picky, and rightfully so, especially when it comes to choosing who manages their finances. If you’re serious about attracting clients in a cluttered market like Singapore, you need to understand how consumers make that choice. Here's the inside scoop on how potential clients evaluate financial advisors, and why your personal brand is paramount in their decision-making process.

1. Certifications Matter, Period

People aren't just trusting you with their money; they are trusting you with their dreams and security. Every prospective client will ensure you have the correct certifications and licensing. Holding a Financial Adviser’s License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) isn’t just a regulatory requirement, it’s a badge of honor. Showcase it.

Consumer Insight:

Prospects want proof on a platter that you are qualified and regulated. It’s non-negotiable.

Action Plan for FAs:

Don’t just have that Financial Adviser’s License from the MAS, parade it. Add it to your email signature, website header, and business cards. Make it as visible as your name, asserting your authority and credibility effortlessly.

word-of-mouth referral is highly rewarding for financial advisors

2. Word-of-Mouth is King

Prospects lean on recommendations. They're reaching out to their networks, asking friends, family, and colleagues about their experiences with financial advisors.

Consumer Insight:

Recommendations are the consumer’s compass. They're asking around and prizing personal experiences with FAs above all.

Action Plan for FAs:

Provide service that’s worth sharing. Exceed expectations so clients can’t help but sing your praises. It’s the oldest marketing trick in the book, and it works – be remarkable, be referred.

3. Your Experience Speaks Volumes

Potential clients are playing detective. They're looking into your history, the companies you’ve worked for, and your clientele. They want assurance that you’ve got the experience and knowledge to manage their finances effectively.

Consumer Insight:

Clients are turning every stone, scouring for your track record, and the kind of clientele you handle.

Action Plan for FAs:

Create a robust ‘About’ section on your website and social profiles. List out your professional milestones, significant clients, and showcase client testimonials. Let your experience whisper tales of your competency and success.

tailor for your clients financial planning

4. Specialisms and Services

Clients have diverse needs. Some may need assistance with life insurance while others might be seeking investment advice. Consumers are looking for advisors who not only meet their specific needs but excel in those areas.

Consumer Insight:

Different strokes for different folks. Clients are after advisors with services that align precisely with their financial puzzles.

Action Plan for FAs:

Tailor and clearly define your offerings. Emphasize your niche and expertise in your communication. If you’re a maestro in investment management, let that shine. If estate planning is your game, highlight that.

5. The Type of Financial Advisor You Are

Consumers are savvy. They know that some advisors might be tied to specific companies and products. Some are seeking independent advisors to get a broad array of options.

Consumer Insight:

Clients crave transparency. They wish to know your affiliations and modus operandi, down to the nitty-gritty.

Action Plan for FAs:

Be upfront about your operational style. Are you independent or affiliated with specific companies? Spell it out boldly. Authenticity builds an unshakeable foundation of trust.

6. Character Counts

Beyond the qualifications and experience, clients are looking for someone they can genuinely trust. They want transparency, honesty, and a clear indication that you understand their needs individually.

Consumer Insight:

Beyond the paperwork and numbers, your character is under the spotlight. Can they trust you with their financial future?

Action Plan for FAs:

Interact genuinely and personally with prospects. Exhibit transparency in your compensation structures and acknowledge your limitations. Show that you listen, understand, and prioritize their unique needs.

7. Resources and Community Involvement

Consumers do their research, and platforms like MoneySmart and LinkedIn in Singapore are where they turn for insights.

Consumer Insight:

Potential clients are tapping into platforms and community to glean insights and gauge their options.

Action Plan for FAs:

Be visible and active on platforms and communities your prospects frequent. Answer queries, share valuable insights, and showcase your industry engagement.

Be present and engage professional networks like LinkedIn

Elevate Your Personal Brand

In the hustle to stand out, remember your personal brand is your silent ambassador. It's not just about flashy logos or a catchy tagline. It's the essence, the experience, and the expectation you set. Here's the action plan laid out:

  • Consistency is Key: Ensure uniformity in your messaging across all platforms.
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Regularly publish content – blogs, videos, podcasts – demonstrating your knowledge and keeping clients informed. Tip: Don’t overlook the power of a solid LinkedIn presence, where many prospects are sure to peruse professional knowledge actively!
  • Engagement Speaks Volumes: Interact on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, promptly reply to inquiries, and keep the conversation going.
  • Feedback is Your Friend: Encourage and showcase client reviews and address concerns publicly, showing you value opinions and are dedicated to improving.


Your prospective clients are out there, analyzing and comparing. Stand tall and unwavering in their scrutiny by aligning your strategies with their expectations and bolstering your personal brand authentically and effectively. There’s no shortcut to success, in the world of finance, your brand and actions do the talking. Your exemplary presence, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, should echo your expertise and reliability.

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