September 28, 2023

LinkedIn Profile 101 for Financial Advisory Leaders

Diagnose, Design, and Deliver a Perfect Profile

Jerry Chua
Cofounder, Chief Activator @ Finberty
Jerry Chua

In the financial hub of Singapore, where 82% of the population are active internet users, LinkedIn stands as a beacon for professional networking and recruitment. In the world of financial advisory, your LinkedIn profile is more than a digital resume—it's a powerful tool for recruitment and building your professional brand.

Diagnose, design and deliver perfect linkedin profile for financial advisory leaders

Let’s cut through the noise and get straight to the point. Here’s how to diagnose, design, and deliver a LinkedIn profile that resonates with excellence and expertise.

Diagnose: The Self-Audit

The Banner

Question: Does your banner reflect professionalism and precision?

Tip: Use high-resolution images, incorporate your firm’s branding, and ensure it’s mobile-optimized.

In Singapore, where mobile penetration is over 150%, ensuring mobile optimization is not just an option but a necessity.

The Headline

Question: Does your headline clearly communicate your value proposition?

Tip: Be concise, clear, and compelling. Mention your role and your commitment to your target audience.

The Profile Picture

Question: Is your profile picture a clear, professional headshot?

Tip: Ensure good lighting, a neutral background, and a friendly, confident expression.

The About Section

Question: Does your About section tell your professional story effectively?

Tip: Highlight your experience, expertise, and what sets you apart as a financial advisor.

Design: Crafting the Narrative

Personal Branding

Focus: Consistency in messaging and visuals.

Action: Align your LinkedIn with your firm’s branding guidelines. Use consistent colors, logos, and language.

Showcasing Expertise

Focus: Highlighting your knowledge and experience.

Action: Share content relevant to financial advisory, market insights, and client success stories.

Engaging Content

Focus: Creating and sharing valuable content.

Action: Post regularly about industry trends, insights, and thought leadership. Engage with comments and messages promptly and professionally.

Deliver: Bringing It All Together


Focus: Ensuring your profile is easily accessible.

Action: Optimize for search by using relevant keywords in your headline, about section, and experience.


Focus: Connecting with industry professionals and potential recruits.

Action: Send personalized connection requests and messages. Engage in LinkedIn groups related to financial advisory.

With over 2 million LinkedIn users in Singapore, the platform offers a vast network of potential recruits and industry professionals.

Continuous Improvement

Focus: Regularly updating and enhancing your LinkedIn profile.

Action: Seek feedback, track profile views and engagement, and stay updated with LinkedIn features and best practices.

Why diagnose, design and deliver?

Our team have gone through rigorous optimisation of our process and come to the conclusion of Diagnose, Design and Deliver for our clients who have seen fruitful results in leveraging LinkedIn as a channel for thought leadership and recruitment.

Finberty's LinkedIn approach
Our no-BS, scientific approach to recruitment via LinkedIn

We encourage financial advisory leaders to take the first step in optimizing your LinkedIn profiles by conducting a self-audit and making necessary enhancements to reflect their professional excellence and expertise. Or, why not experience our approach? Get in touch today.

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