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October 10, 2023

Why Most Financial Advisory Leaders Get Social Media Wrong

don't be one of them!

Jerry Chua
Cofounder, Chief Activator @ Finberty
Jerry Chua

In the financial advisory sector, not being yourself online is a pitfall that can lead to not just a loss of face but a significant loss of trust. Your clients and audience have an uncanny ability to detect inauthenticity. They seek genuine, reliable advisors, not just an online entity hidden behind a facade of perfection and expertise.

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The Audience's BS Detector: It's Stronger Than You Think!

Potential recruits and clients can sense a facade, and the fallout is immediate and harsh. The mismatch between online claims and actual experiences erodes trust, a critical component in the financial and insurance world. Authenticity is not a choice; it's a necessity for maintaining and enhancing reputation and credibility.

Carl Jung's Persona: A Crash Course

For directors, understanding and managing the 'Persona' is not theoretical; it's practical and essential. It’s about ensuring your online presence is a mirror, reflecting your commitment, values, and the genuine solutions you provide to clients and your team.

Why It's More Relevant Now Than Ever

In an era of scrutiny and discernment, managing your 'Persona' effectively is not just relevant; it’s imperative for attracting and retaining the right talent and clients, ensuring the foundation of relationships is solid, built on mutual trust and respect.

Your Authenticity Playbook

Your online interactions should be a seamless extension of your in-person credibility and commitment. It's about ensuring consistency, reflecting your genuine concern for client and team welfare.

Keeping It Real: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Recruitment

Showcase Your Organizational Culture

Action: Use social media platforms to give a genuine glimpse into your organizational culture, values, and ethos.

Purpose: Attract candidates who resonate with your organizational values and culture.

How-To: Share posts, stories, and testimonials from current team members, highlighting team collaboration, learning opportunities, and the inclusive, supportive work environment.

Be Transparent About Opportunities and Challenges

Action: Be honest about the opportunities, growth prospects, and the challenges within your organization.

Purpose: Ensure candidates have a clear understanding, setting the right expectations from the onset.

How-To: Utilize platforms like LinkedIn to share detailed, honest job descriptions, growth pathways, and insights into the challenges and opportunities within your organization.

Engage in Genuine Conversations

Action: Engage with potential candidates genuinely and transparently.

Purpose: Build a rapport and establish a connection with candidates, ensuring they feel valued and heard.

How-To: Use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to respond to queries, engage in conversations, and provide valuable insights into your organization and industry.

Highlight Learning and Growth Opportunities

Action: Emphasize the learning and growth opportunities within your organization.

Purpose: Attract candidates who are keen on professional development and growth.

How-To: Share posts about training programs, learning initiatives, and career growth opportunities within your organization.

A No-BS Challenge for Financial Leaders to Show Their True Colors

The path is clear for financial advisory directors. Let authenticity be the beacon, guiding your online presence to reflect your true leadership and organizational values. Whether you DIY, work with an in-house team or engaging professional recruitment marketing services, it's about ensuring your digital footprint is a genuine reflection of your commitment to team and client welfare, laying a foundation of trust, credibility, and success in the industry.

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